At our Ash Wednesday service, He Who Would Be Head Pastor commented on the fact that I always have a notepad and how to him it personified my attempts to join in with the Holy Spirit by participating in the act of creation. I’ve been stuck on this idea ever since.

My notepad has been like my security blanket. Writers write and we never know when a great idea will hit us, so being caught without a pad and pen is like showing up naked to take a final. I have it with me all the time.

-Next to my bed in case I have an interesting dream. -It goes into the bathroom with me, cause, you know, never a wasted moment. -If I go out for the evening, I tear off a couple of sheets and tuck them into a pocket. My notepad—more specifically, what it represents—nurtures me, I nurture it.

My notepad is also my act of worship. It helps me pay attention, participating and interacting with conversation as I process my thoughts (as opposed to me turning off my brain and “looking” like I’m paying attention). He Who Would Be Head Pastor often sees his ideas mulled over in my blog. It’s the same with my other notepad friends.

Similar to the idea of the thinking bloggers meme, I have friends who I hate talking to without my notepad handy. The kind of friends who make you smarter, iron sharpening iron, just by being around them. Where even casual conversation becomes intellectual bloodsport as we challenge one another’s ideas and spark each other’s creativity. You know, those big brain friends who give you ideas for blogs even with just their throwaway lines. That’s one of the reasons I do Mo*Con. (I suspect that it must be at least mildy ego-stroking for someone to whip out a notepad and jot down a thought inspired by you).

Writing is what I do, it’s my gift. So I bring it before God anyway I can. I love working on stories at church, yes, even (especially!) the darker ones. Surrounding myself with reminders of who the ultimate Author is, whose work I join in. I’m working out my spiritual journey as much through my art as through my faith. I believe using your gifts to your fullest—and bringing yourself to Him in worship—is what pleases God.

So even when it doesn’t look like I’m paying attention, I probably am. After all, there’s a good chance this blog was jotted down during a sermon.

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