I don’t want to shock teh Interwebz or anything, but I’m vain.

(I’ll wait for all of you to recover.)

As you know, I’m always here to offer advice to the young aspiring writer. Kelli Dunlap mocked the fact that I took four rolls of film before arriving at my last one. So I’ve been thinking about re-doing some of my author pics. Sure, sure, some of you may wander past my web site in hopes of catching a glimpse of the man, the legend, and you may say to yourself “that’s one scary, intimidating author.” Well, then my job is done.

On the other hand, I also want you to recognize me at a con. Not necessarily talk to me, but at least recognize me. You know, point to me in furtive whispers as I pass by, but not actually engage me, because, seriously, who needs that. But this gets to one thing I’ve disliked about most author pics: when I meet you at cons, I don’t need to do double takes to match the person in front of me to an outdated (to say the least) picture of you. To the point where I’m attempting to guess what decade your picture was taken or what kind of Photoshop you were using to touch up your … everything.

So I dragged my friend Larissa Johnson out to take some new snapshots and I’m trying to decide on what look to go for this time. I’m trying to decide what strikes the proper chord for an image of me. We have:

the obligatory slightly pretentious me.
moody, slightly scary me (ooooo, spooky horror guy!)
a man and his muse
a lot of shots with a variation of me looking pensive. You’ll note, there’s a fine line between looking pensive and, frankly, the world giving me a headache. Yes, this was my fourth outfit change of the photo shoot.
an excuse for me to wear my bowler. This is my “Maurice the Icon” shot. Every aspiring writer should have one.
do you want a little pirate in you? It is important that every writer be concerned about his image. After all, your author pics are what define you to the readers. Um, sure, some people may argue that it’s the writing that may define you, but they’re wrong. It’s all about image. Listen to the man in the pirate hat (and, mind you, who DOESN’T have a puffy shirt in their wardrobe?)

This blog brought to you by my third dose of Thera-Flu. I’m not actually sick yet, I just enjoy the rush.

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