Okay, I need the record to reflect that I have turned in the first draft of my novel, Sweep of Stars, a short play for the Indiana Repertory Theater, and a project for D&D. I am currently working on two short stories and the rewrites for my second middle grade novel, Unfadeable. Thus endeth my note for those folks wanting to keep me accountable for getting my writing done.

BTW, the 2020 Mo*Con: Origins lineup has been announced.

Anyway, for this month’s round-up on Patreon we have:

AWESOME PICS – Ferb sexy pics, because my cat is ridiculous

AWESOME BLOG POST – My Odd Journey to Being a Full-Time Novelist

AWESOME PIMPING – Sneak Preview of Sweep of Stars in draft

COMMUNITY REPORT – More on what I’ve been out and about doing in the community (with pictures), covering my 5th Grade Classroom Tour, Afrofuture Friday, Zora!, Cafe Creative, and more! Pretty much, this is the reason you all support my Patreon and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

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