To quote the opening of this month’s “Goals” blog post: In the last month, the Broaddus family: decided they wanted to move (it was an open revolt), we found a house, moved into the house, and had a housewarming party; I got horrifically sick (with some alien strain of the flu virus), had jury duty, all while trying to hit a deadline for a novel due at the end of the month (spoilers: I missed that deadline). Life happens.”

And this doesn’t include the usual minefield of holiday festivities and family.

Ozy has written a profile on me (I can’t post the cover art often enough): MEET THE MAN BEHIND AFROFUTURIST STEAMPUNK

BTW, the 2020 Mo*Con: Origins lineup has been announced.

Anyway, for this month’s round-up on Patreon we have:

AWESOME PICS – Ferb determined to be cute/get my attention

AWESOME BLOG POST – “It’s a new year! Time to set goals!!!”

AWESOME PIMPING – Sneak Preview of Sweep of Stars in draft

COMMUNITY REPORT – More on what I’ve been out and about doing in the community (with pictures), covering my involvement with Indiana Homecoming, Spirit & Place, Meet the Author/Be an Author, Afrofuture Friday, and Cafe Creative. Pretty much, this is the reason you all support my Patreon and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

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