Well panel season is just about over. In the last couple weeks alone I did:

Future Telling: Past, Present, (Afro)Futurism Podcast

Multiverse Convention 2020 (Virtual)

Science Fiction and Christian Hope Panel (Upper House)

This year’s official school photo aka Mr. Broaddus 2020

And I sold a couple of short stories which I am quite pleased about (look, I never take story sales for granted and these were pieces I am quite proud of so I’m excited that they found good homes).

With that in mind, I really appreciate the support to my Patreon, which helps me continue to be active in the community. With that in mind, these months (since I was apparently slacking last month and didn’t do a round up) we look at:

-[AWESOME PICS]: with a Broaddus family photo shoot (and a return to pics of Ferb, since that’s who you all really want to see)

-[AWESOME BLOG]: some thoughts on social media privacy and lessons learned along the way to a debut novel

[BONUS AWESOME BLOG POST] My First Halloween aka Why I’m Not a Halloween Guy – a public post. Enjoy!

-[AWESOME PIMPING]: “The Mis-Education of Kurt Vonnegut” (a lost essay/story) and a peek at my upcoming middle grade novel, Unfadeable.

-[AWESOME COMMUNITY]: an update on the latest goings on in the community, plus a focus on our RE-GROUP project.

As always, I appreciate your support of my Patreon. Words cannot express how encouraging it is, especially during these dark times. I really appreciate it…and each and every one of you. Thank you!

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