So, yeah, Patreon, 2017 has been sort of a ridiculous year for me. I thought the timing of launching this would be fine, but I underestimated how much when I get in the throes of writing, (that is, near The End of a project) everything goes to the wayside as I race to the end. Here’s a snapshot of my last month and a half:
-finished the edits edits on The Usual Suspects (my Middle Grade detective novel)
-finished a novelette (which sold to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, part of my Afrofuture series … I can’t tell you how geeked I am about this story: it’s about a starship powered by jazz music, because, why not)
-finished a short story (completely on spec, part of my “magic in the hood” series)
-wrote my untitled urban fantasy novella (there was a two month turnaround from the time I agreed to do it until it was due, so my month has been a blur of words. Second draft is now done, giving me about a week or so to finish the third draft)
October was ridiculous as I found myself across three states, speaking at a library event

recording a season of the podcast Writing Excuses

teaching at the University of Missouri for their ShowMe Masterclass

and presenting at the Earlham School of Religion’s Writing Colloquium (for Quakers!).

-I worked at my sister’s community event, Open Bite (short version of this event: it showcases the gifts and talents of our neighborhood as poets, artists, cooks, and local entrepreneurs come together for an all day festival). I *thought* I had an appearance at a con that weekend, but she informed me that as my baby sister, she reserved the right to veto that appearance for me to work for her. Just like yesterday, invoking the same baby sister clause, I was informed that I’m now chair of the board of the organization that puts on Open Bite.

-through the Kheprw Institute and Spirit & Place, I am the art facilitator for a series of community conversations addressing the issue of re-entry from the prison and foster care systems (using art practice to come at possible solutions from different angles).

-Because Kheprw also gets to call dibs on my life, we are organizing a nerds in the hood book club that will start in January. Of course, the first book we will be reading is Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler.

-somehow the 8th grade students of The Oaks Academy (yes, they *too* get to call dibs on my life because they know they have me wrapped around their collective finger) have convinced me to start a Book Club (both reading and writing books) as well as a journal for them. This, too, will begin in January.

However, I am done with the travel/speaking portion of my year. Which means that I can begin planning Mo*Con 2018. Yeah, I know, I thought I was done with them, however, the writing community *also* gets to call dibs …