Dear Patreon supporters,

Thank you so much for your patience. I’m not going to lie: I didn’t get the September stuff up due to preparing and being gone for the Writing Excuses Cruise (and I realize the weeping going on for me as I offer up teaching on a cruise as an excuse for non-production).

The month off has also allowed me to think through some changes I want to make to the Patreon. First off, in an attempt to make up for things, I’m declaring October “EXTRAS MONTH!”

-for those at the $1 level, it means extra pics of Ferb (and maybe me…on a beach…or something else equally productive).

-for those at the $5 level, there will be three blog posts this month (and at least two a month going forward)

-for those at the $5 and up levels, due to a special Afrofuturism Friday that I am doing in December, there will be a chapbook of several of my stories and a novelette produced that will be sent to you as a thank you.

-for those at the $10 level more chapters of the novel in progress. There may be a publishing date attached (assuming I get all the revisions done). So around next June, you will receive a copy of the finished product.

-for those at the $20 level, I’ve made the previous reports public on my blog:

Patreon Report: A Month in the Life

Patreon Report: A Month in the Life

-speaking, community work, writing update


Patreon Report: Afrofuturism Fridays

Patreon Report: Afrofuture Fridays


Patreon Report: One Week

-I was overdoing it, even for me


Patreon Report: Community Innovation Lab, Afrofuture Fridays, and More!


Patreon Report: 18-04-25

Patreon Report – 18-04-25

-more updates on the community innovation lab and Afrofuturism Fridays


More importantly, I’m adding a profile piece to the report. Each month I will include a write up of someone I work alongside with in the community development work. Plus updates on Afrofuturism Fridays, a Superhero Workshop, a Spirit & Place event, and a profile on Imhotep Adisa, founder of the Kheprw Institute.

And there may be other sneak peeks and previews this month. YOU. JUST. DON’T. KNOW.

As always, thank you for the support.