One day he won’t let me hold his hand in public, he won’t let me stroke his hair when he’s resting, he won’t let me be seen with him in public because I’ll be embarrassing.

Today’s the first day of school. Officially, both boys will be joining our public education system and I how have regained my days to pursue more of my fiction writing. Some of you may be wondering what I do during a typical day in the life of a productive writer. You know, what exactly does this stay at home dad do during the day while his wife is at work. You know, what do I do between blogging and Law & Order re-runs.

I play. To put as positive a spin on this as possible, allow me to quote from one of the Dwelling Place values:

“I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Jesus – Matthew 18:3)

Wonder. Curiosity. Abandon. Playfulness. Listening. Passion. Celebration. Imagination. Spontaneity. Openness. Creativity. Children hold so little regard for status, title, or position and have so little of the things that consume the lives of adults, and yet they are filled with such joy. They are fully alive, and every waking moment is a chance to explore life.

After a game of “Evil King” (long story: let’s just say that we have some of the Burger King crowns around the house and we’re all convinced the creepy mascot is evil. I’ve long forgiven them for their previous blunder), I play super-hero fights with Reese. This may come as a shock to many of you, but we have a lot of action figures around the house and Reese is Superman while I’m Batman. Reese always wins because Superman always beats Batman. That’s the rule of the game (Reese also cheats: every time Batman manages to find Kryptonite—I don’t know where Reese gets the cheating thing from—Superman always has a henchman, a Rescue Ranger, help out).

I color with Malcolm, which usually evolves into coloring for Malcolm, as it’s his version of a distraction he as he sneaks in a re-run of Curious George. You’d think I’d catch on to their distraction schemes. Also, we’ve been experimenting with freezing stuff. Last week, we froze socks and underwear (which, for the record, means that we can use them as knives and shields during games of Evil King).

We round out the day by playing Jame Bond 007 on PlayStation since all three of us can play that one. I usually win two out of three games. I never “let” them win, they have to earn kicking my butt. Unfortunately, I have also inadvertently taught them the art of trash-talking.

Sure, my Get Out Clock still marches on. Yet I find myself distracted from my current short story because I keep watching for 3 o’clock and a re-match.

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