I just came back from a whirlwind visit with students from Seton Catholic Central High School.  They are part of my buddy’s, Kevin Lucia, creative writing class.  I had the chance to read and critique their work, give a speech, and field their questions.  It was a total BLAST!  (Special thanks to the Farrell family who hosted me during my visit and Mary Sangiovanni for popping by for a visit!).

Kevin Lucia reflects on the visit here.

Here are some random pics (swiped from Kevin’s collection):


crit group 1 crit group 2 crit group 3
crit group 4 kids speech
speech1 swag Photo05291704_1

Also, my visit made the local news.  Remember, the camera adds 5 pounds.  And there must have been at least 6 cameras on me.

[Here’s the text for when the article goes away]

A visiting author is sharing some of his expertise with Seton Catholic Central students.

Acclaimed urban fantasy writer Maurice Broaddus, has been critiquing the work of students in teacher Kevin Lucia’s creative writing class. Broaddus is known for his trilogy The Knights of Breton Court which takes the tales of King Arthur’s Court and casts them in modern day inner city Indianapolis. In addition to writing, he also works with homeless people in Indianapolis.

Broaddus says it’s useful for young writers to integrate parts of their own lives into their story telling. “I actually do a lot of volunteer work with homeless teenagers. And so we were doing some writing exercises together, and I had thrown out just a random line of why don’t you imagine yourselves as princes and princesses of the streets. Just something random like that. And the idea just sort of stuck with me. And I’m like what would that look like for them to actually be modern day knights of the round table here in this environment?”

This is the third time Lucia has brought nationally-acclaimed writers in to speak to his class. After grant funding dried up this year, Lucia says his students held fundraisers to pay for Broaddus’s visit.