Join me and my co-host, Anna Tragesser, in a virtual community of creatives figuring out life and work beyond COVID.

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Focus on your vision and creative career for 2020 and beyond while stretching your understanding of what’s possible in the creative economy.

Last week, we gathered with Maurice Broaddus to talk about longevity. After his entire life collapsed, author Maurice Broaddus rebuilt it to fuel his creativity, family and community. He’s thriving today (yes, even during a pandemic!) because he’s designed his future, and refuses to settle for anything less. Maurice will share his trusty tools for decision-making and future-building.

“Homework” assignments and prompts from this session:

1. Make your own Matrix for Opportunities
2. Write your own obituary.
3. Use these questions to journal about trusting yourself.

  • Which has more weight in my decision-making: my intellect or my intuition?
  • How often do I follow my instincts?
  • Do I regularly look to others for answers?
  • What does my intuition feel like? Where do I feel it in my body?
  • How would my life change if I trusted myself more deeply?
  • ACTION: What decision is right in front of me?