Scan-130501-0002_webKristin Fuller returns to Mo*Con (her previous series was called Ascension) with a new series of photographs.  For those not familiar with her work, here is a brief introduction to her.


Kristin Fuller likes to take pictures of people and likes for them to tell a story.  It could be a true story or a made up one.  She loves to take portraits of individuals that are playful, fairytale-ish and have an element of magic in them.  Photographs which unmask some truth about a person are her favorite.  Technically, Kristin blends antique and alternative process photography with the digital world.  She tends to work with older processes, infrared and medium format film and conventional darkroom toning while many times converting these images to digital images in order to edit and process them on various surfaces (tiles, canvases, linen, etc.).

In her most recent series, Kristin explores the complexity of unmasking oneself.  Her subject discovers that she wears a secondary face.  She is immediately confronted with a mysterious part of herself and realizes that this makes her both terrified and curious.  The subject simultaneously desires to remove the newly discovered face as well as flirts with allowing it to replace the one she wears daily.  What will she choose in the end?  What would you choose if given the opportunity to either destroy the mask you wear or to choose to wear it so naturally that all who see you believe it to be you?