Okay, so the vibe we go for at Mo*Con is a weekend long catered room party. You know how you’ll be at a convention, night rolls around and you start looking for room parties to crash. How the best ones have food, drinks, and great conversations? They’ve always been my favorite part of going to conventions, so that’s pretty much all we do for Mo*Con. I thought I’d run down our menu for the weekend:


Mo*Con First Friday
(catered by RoE Creations)
-Crab crostini
-Mango glazed bacon wrapped shrimp
-Bacon meatballs with gorgonzola and spinach

Mo*Con (our traditional “Alethea Kontis welcome dinner” also catered by RoE Creations)
-Chicken marsala
-Fettucine alfredo
-Lemon cupcakes

Saturday, May 4th
Lunch (Yats)
Drunken Chicken
Spinach & Mushroom Etouffee
Chili Cheese Etouffee w/Crawfish
Dinner (Shalimar)
Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless chicken breast cooked in tomato and butter sauce.

Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken cooked in hot and spicy sauce with potatoes.

(Plus a homemade veggie lasagna, so that our vegetarian friends have an option)

Sunday (catered by RoE Creations)
There is no official programming on Sundays, since people are pretty much just hanging out until everyone goes home. As such, The Broaddus Household serves food until folks go home. We begin with Bacon, Eggs, and Biscuits and then we roll into a Jamaican feast of:
Curried Chicken
Jerk Chicken
Rice and peas
Jamaican patties
So, you know, there’s that…