By way of explaining my lack of blogs of late, I tend to take a blog sabbatical this time of year and pick up sometime in January.  But I do have a tradition of compiling a list of blogs you may have missed during the year.  Not including reviews which garner a good chunk of traffic (such as Legend of the Guardian, Inception, Wolverine and the X-Men, and House M.D.  (Part I and Part II)), here are either my favorites or the ones which get the most traffic:

Shame On Us – weirdly enough, other than a few review blogs, this was the most read and most landed on blog of mine.

Road to Mo*Con VI – my single highest read blog.  And I was just announcing one of the topics of conversation for next year’s Mo*Con.

After a stint of vagabond spiritualitysermon exhaustion, and church shopping (part I and part II), the Broaddus family settled on a new church home.  Right out the box I wrote Our Church Stinks and My Pastor Irritates the Crap Out of Me (which the church leadership absolutely loved).

Why do you people still need all that Black Stuff – I try to avoid getting sucked into discussions going on on the internet, but sometimes I just can’t resist commenting.

PC Challenges of being an Editor – it’s really not that hard to have an inclusive, diverse looking Table of Contents when putting together an anthology.

The Artist and the Church – finding our way as artists with our love/hate relationship with (and from) the church.

What would Republican Jesus Do – this is me not wading into political discussions…

On the writing career front, we have The 40 Year Old Virgin (Writer), The Crossroads, and A Time for Career Selfishness.

There were a few blogs on poverty, which has inspired a project I’m working on:  A Day of Day Street with Outreach Inc (part I and part II), This is not a Soup Kitchen, Helping the Homeless, and Poor People are Not Grateful.

The Seduction and Toxicity of Victimhood.  AND The Private Lives of Writers and the Blurred Lines of Ministry.