I was leading one of the discussions in our kids class at church and were discussing some of the problems in the world. In this case, it was the lack of drinkable water some countries struggle with. Their response shouldn’t have surprised me: “what can we do?”

The young can still see the global evils or the magnitude of the problems around us and while the cynical may toss their hands up in resignation, the young want to jump in and do something.

Justice is the dream we have as children, where they can instantly, intrinsically recognize “that’s not fair.” That things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to go. We dream of a world of righted wrongs, a world of fairness, and a world where we treat each other the way we are supposed to treat each other. We want to fix injustices. We want a happy ending.

I see the spirit of volunteerism sweeping among our young (and young at heart) as a metaphor of the church as a body. The Spirit will work itself out among people who care passionately to make things right. To be the compassionate hands of God (whether they claim belief in God or not). We have different gifts, we just need to join in, get involved, build relationships, and become invested. You’ll be surprised how this will shape and form you.

We need to get outside of ourselves and pursuing our own self-focused needs. We need to take a look at the world around us and ask “does it have to be this way?” and then “what can we do?” We can join in Christ’s redemptive mission to right wrongs, restore order, and rescue one another. Because giving ourselves away is the best way to live. To give up our time, to put feet to our faith, and let our actions back up what we say is important.

The problems are large and many and there is not nearly enough workers. But if we each just do a little, the world will be a much different place. What can a group of six to nine year olds do? They are selling bottled water in order to raise awareness and sending the money they make to programs that dig wells around the world. We should all be so young.

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