People keep trying to strap a label on what it is I believe. Somehow, that’s supposed to determine “how” I believe or how I live my life. But I firmly believe that the days of your beliefs being summarized with a word (e.g. Baptist) are numbered if not already past. Something without a denominational label and all the baggage that comes with that label.

People are often guilty of relational laziness and need these sorts of labels rather than engage the people around them. Yet our faith walks defy easy categorization even though we may have a lot in common. We may begin in similar places, maybe an end of self or something else which causes a person to realize they should be living life differently. Up to their full potential/how they were meant to live. They are moved to change their lives and be better people. In turn, they are moved to reach out to others, to help the poor or otherwise live for others.

I can’t be pegged down with words like Baptist or Calvinist or Emergent or post-Protestant. Sometimes even Christian (relax, Interwebz, before too many of you start sending me letters. That wasn’t a renunciation of faith, merely pointing out that as adjectives go “Christian” often comes up as fairly useless). In fact, when Matt Cardin described himself along the lines of him being a Christian Buddhist with a streak of agnosticism (at Mo*Con), he was right in saying that a lot of our spiritual walks are kind of like a Starbucks order.

I think I’d be a bit of a mocha missional Christian (follower of the way of Jesus), with a double shot of historical tradition, topped with a half and half of community. With a dash of Buddhism and agnosticism (again, Interwebz, relax. I’m merely commenting on my seeking of peace and use of meditative practices as well as having a spirit of “not knowing”). What about you?

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