A couple stories of mine have been published on Serial Box:

El is a Spaceship Melody

Originally published on Beneath Ceaseless Skies, it’s now narrated by Eboni Flowers over on Serial Box. “On a spaceship powered by jazz, the ship’s AI approaches sentience while dissent builds between the captain and a group of rebels who want to change the music.”

The Migration Suite: A Study in C Sharp Minor

Originally published on Uncanny Magazine, it’s now narrated by Eboni Flowers over on Serial Box. “The movement—both willing and not—of African people, from prehistory to the stars. A story told in five stanzas.”

Ache of Home

Another story originally published on Uncanny Magazine. It’s narrated by Chante McCormick. “A Black woman living in a food desert in Indianapolis uses her innate magic to oppose the forces trying to destroy her neighborhood.”

Warrior of the Sunrise

A Sword & Soul originally published in The New Hero: Vol. 1 (and in my collection, The Voices of Martyrs), it’s the origin of Lalyani, the character whose story ends in “Bound by Sorrow.” Warrior of the Sunrise” is about A woman, cast out from her tribe, goes to battle against an evil sorcerer who turns men into monsters.

Dance of Bones

An entry into the Weird West, a Black Civil War veteran must act quickly when the cow hands he’s riding with encounter a deadly supernatural force in the desert.