glitter and mayhemFirst a review of the Glitter & Mayhem anthology on the Revolution SF site:

“I just re-read “The Electric Spanking of the War Babies” [written by Maurice Broaddus and Kyle S. Johnson] for the third time. Here is why: The second page contains the following line: “He was Shakes Humphries, the baddest mofo on eight wheels.” Then someone says, “Come with me if you want to funk.” The villain is Professor Bereft of Groove.

I’m putting another link to buy Glitter and Mayhem right here. Just because of that.”

That rather made my day.  Next up, my story, “Awaiting Redemption,” is up on the Pseudopod site:

This story was bought by [Eulogies II for] the Horror World web site. “People can claim a religious faith but use it strictly as a cover for their own cruelty (that has nothing to do with their religion).”

Read by Laurice White

“Serving was her religious duty, he told her, though she was too impure to read the Qur’an for herself.  She knew his kind.  For him religion was a tool he re-shaped into his own image to vent his cruelty and hate.  He probably knew less of the Qu’ran than she did.  His dagger sliced her Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl XLIII 2009 Champions shirt, still stiff with dried blood.  Wearing only her Nike running shoes, one size too small, she lowered her head, not allowed to cover herself.  He touched her in a familiar way, but she would not taste shame no matter how he tried to force feed it to her.  She never hid her scars.  They told the story of who she was, a map to her soul.”

Transform YouHere are a couple of reviews of my novella, “I Can Transform You”:

“Where the story really excels is in its ability to set (and sustain) a mood of dark hopelessness. It’s a grim sort of tale, populated by men and women who have few aspirations beyond survival. The odds seem stacked against Mac and Ade from the start, but the two persevere as much to spite one another as anything else. Theirs is a relationship that reminds me a lot of the first Lethal Weapon movie, where a little dark humor and shared agony served to fill the void of suicidal dread and weary resignation that lay at the core of those reluctant partners.” —Beauty In Ruins

“While a novella, I CAN TRANSFORM YOU packs as much in as a full length novel. Mac and Ade are well rounded and believable characters with backstory and personality. The plot itself spans in multiple directions and comes full circle beautifully. It’s well written and wholly entertaining.” —Just a Guy Who Likes to Read



Check out more reviews at:


Pink Raygun


Over on the Apex Books web site, I answer a few questions about my zombie apocalypse preparedness plan and there’s a snippet of my story “Being in Shadow” from the Appalachian Undead anthology.  The first question:

Do you have a zombie apocalypse emergency plan?

The Broaddus family likes to be prepared for anything.  My children have laid out the plan this way:

1)  They need to keep their mother around as she’s the nurturing one.

2)  In the event of a food shortage, I would be the first one eaten (see point #1)

3)  My children have been discouraging physical activity from me.  This serves two purposes:  it keeps me out of shape so as long as they can outrun me, they’ll be fine; and it fattens me up (see point #2)