Hamilton County continues to be among the fastest-growing counties in the nation, according to population estimates from the Census Bureau released today. Some of the suburban county’s growth is at the expense of Marion County, where the population drain is evident in the census estimates.

From 2000 to 2005, Hamilton County’s population increased 32 percent, making it the 18th fastest-growing in the nation. Hendricks was the only other Indiana county to crack the Top 100, ranking as the 75th fastest-growing county with a 22 percent increase. “An awful lot of this is coming from what we call suburban flight,” said Vince Thompson, an economic research analyst with the Indiana Business Research Center in Bloomington.

Suburban flight. My, what a pleasant sounding spin. I guess “white flight” was too accusatory. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s white folks fleeing the “browning” of the city. Speaking as one of the people you’re running from, allow me to pour a tall, cool glass of haterade. I made so many friends with my rant on home-schooling, (apparently some folks took issue with me saying that they were home schooling their kids because they were afraid of black people and drugs) but this is the same mess, different circumstances. Don’t believe me about the browning of the city?

Marion, the state’s most populous county, showed slight growth in the five-year period in part because the number of births was nearly double the number of deaths. In addition, the number of people moving in from foreign countries outnumbered those moving out by more than 13,000. “The good news is Indianapolis continues to grow, and that’s always a positive thing,” said Deputy Mayor Steve Campbell. “Having a lot more international residents is always a good thing, and we appreciate that.”

People want to dress up their behavior in all sort of good sounding ways. They are moving away from “hustle and bustle of the city;” they are moving to “safer” neighborhoods, whatever. I’m not here to say that they aren’t doing those very things. Nor am I going to say that what they are doing is necessarily or unconsciously racist. In their minds, they may perfectly be willing to live with anyone who can afford the houses where they are moving to .Perfectly willing to live with people of their same class, which would again point to the burgeoning class over race problem that this country will have to eventually deal with. Well, live with them until too many of “those type” of undesirables move in with their strange ways. Then it’ll be time to sell your house and move even further north or west.

Ironically, I’m moving, too. I, too, had certain considerations that I had in mind when I was choosing where I wanted my family to live. I have bi-racial children and though they could “pass” for white, I wanted them to live in a multi-cultural neighborhood. I want them to see a variety of people as their neighbors. I didn’t want to even unconsciously communicate that some people ought to be feared or that we can only live with people who are like us. Too many people moving to the suburbs already have a “get away from people” mentality. They build their fences and then don’t talk to their neighbors. Certainly, that is how communities are forged.

Plus, I know I want to live with a bunch of people looking to get away from folks (like me).

Who knows. I could be totally off. People could be moving for as simple a reason as “I need more space for my stuff.” Because that also what life is all about.