Maurice 3One of the projects I did earlier this year (April 4th) was putting on an art exhibit.  I wanted to post some of the stories.  My “story” explains the theme of the exhibit.  The full Telling Our Stories gallery can be seen here


Maurice Broaddus

Executive Director of Cities of Refuge Ministries


Telling Our Stories – Why?

We’re a partner organization to A New Way of Life.  A lot of our guys have come from there.  It’s at ANWOL that they get some traction in their lives, getting a hold of their addiction, some sense of stability.  Then they move on to us for greater independence.  Like with ANWOL, ours is a relational model.  In addressing issues of poverty, we have found that the biggest deficit people struggle with is a poverty of relationships.  In our ministry, one of the things that has been most successful is our movie and dinner nights.  The simple act of going out with the guys, doing the normal things of life th at many of us take for granted, awakens something in them.  Restores a sense of dignity.

Maurice - 1I’m a writer and it occurred to us that perhaps the guys could use is a creative outlet.  I could be a hobby as well as something potentially healing.  We believe that:  art can alter the course of troubled lives, art is a vehicle that can be used to engage people, art can transform people, and art is a collaborative endeavor.  Because we were already doing our dinner/movie night, thought try this at ANWOL.  We’ve partnered with the LYN House before and they had run the viewfinder Project with some of their kids.  The curriculum was perfect for adults.

The results are seen tonight.


The Telling Our Stories Exhibit was presented at Fletcher Place Arts and Books in April 2013.  The full gallery can be seen here.  The stories presented include:

Maurice Broaddus

Laditra Lee


Floyd Wimbush, Founder and Executive Director of A New Way of Life