Continuing my Horror Writer’s Association as metaphor rant, I sympathize with the president of the HWA.

-The moment you announce that you’re running, you have an enemies list. Maybe enemies is too strong a word, but at least people with competing agendas or positioning themselves in (and counter to) your administration.

-Friends you think you can trust–even just to vent to–use your words against you or in other ways leave you with a dull throb of pain in your back. You have to deal with people you like and/or highly respect leave either because of you or because of something (or someone) you have little control over. Especially if you have to make concessions in order to make sure the institution is as open to new people as possible.

-People who have “concerns” about you or your leadership direction, rather than bring them directly to you, instead spread their gripes to everyone else, stirring up dissent in their wake. Conversations become exercises of constant nit-picking and sentence parsing.

-Facing the reality that it only takes one or two (loud) troublemakers to change the tone of the group or otherwise derail your mission entirely.

-Serving alongside a board that you have to lead as well as be accountable to. A board whose members may be building support and power bases or otherwise wield increasing influence.

-Then there are your own insecurities. “I’m under qualified.” “What have I accomplished, especially compared to so-and-so who also wanted this position?” Little experience or name recognition outside of a few circles. Having your character, beliefs, and doctrines critiqued, examined, and questioned at every turn.

-Everyday waking up and asking yourself “Why am I doing this again?” “Is it worth it?”

-However, you try and remember that (you and) they are only human. People are people, no matter their level of … professionalism. As such, they have apparently taken most of their social cues from junior high school. These are also the same people who care passionately about the institution. They believe they have its best interests at heart.

Yeah, I sympathize.

Before you ask, I’m only an affiliate member of the HWA and have no specific knowledge of anything. I’m only guessing from the fact that “people are people”. I do know that it’s been a non-stop laugh riot out here on the ministry front, and we haven’t even had our first service yet.

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