As an update, here’s a list of short stories of mine that are due out sometime this year.  This doesn’t include anthology projects like Dark Faith 2 or The Miseducation of the Writer.  And this doesn’t include a project I’m really excited to talk about, but because no contracts are signed, I can’t.  What I can do is show you this piece of advance art for artist extraordinaire, Emma Overman (this piece is called “Lyta and Yvonne”.  For those Indianapolis natives who participate in First Friday, Emma is having her next studio night down at the Harrison Center on March 2, from 5-10 p.m.).


  • The story “Warrior of the Sunrise” will be in the upcoming Icons anthology
  • The story “Under a Concrete Hill” will be in the next issue of Bull Spec
  • The story “The Cracker Trap” will be in an upcoming issue of Shroud Magazine
  • The story “Communication Breakdown” will be in the upcoming anthology, Cadence in Decay (MHB Press)
  • The story “Whispers at the End of Creation” will be in the Relics & Remains anthology (MHB Press)
  • The story “A Soldier’s Story” will be in the Vampires Don’t Sparkle! anthology
  • The story “Trails End” will be in the Dead West anthology
  • The novella “I Can Transform You” (Apex Books)

And I found this footage from the Anthologies panel from Fandomfest 2011