I am partnering with the Writers Center of Indianapolis to teach a few sessions on the finer points of writing.  The first one up is an introduction to speculative fiction.  This will have me opining on all things horror, science fiction, and fantasy with an eye towards submitting to markets and the like.


Or, at the very least, I may break out in a soft shoe performance, as it has always been a lifelong dream to be a tap dancer.  (I may not use this pic of me as the melancholy pirate as my official author pic.)

Um, here’s the official write up … make with the clicky clicky (I even have a faculty bio!)

Introduction to Speculative Fiction

Instructor: Maurice Broaddus

Saturday, January 28
9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Members $36, Nonmembers $54, Student, Teacher, Senior Members $30

Here’s the thing: you know speculative fiction when you see it, even if you’re unfamiliar with all of the insider jargon used to describe its many subgenres. The big three are Horror, Fantasy (high, urban, historical), and Science Fiction (hard, cyberpunk, steampunk). So if the story takes place in a  far off land or an alternate version of an existing one; whether it is extrapolating science into futuristic technologies with its impact on society or conjuring new forms of magic, speculative fiction is the genre of possibility. In this course you will learn about the special needs of these genres, such as world-building, as well as skills any fiction requires, such as elements of character, plot, dialogue, setting. This is all with a view toward submission and publication, so we will explore the marketplace, discussion where and how to submit your work.
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