Lately I’ve been contemplating what it means to have a truly theocentric worldview. I guess my worldview starts with the premise that life is either meaningless or it’s not; that I either matter or I am insignificant, random, or an accident. Of course most of the “questions” boil down to faith. Faith that there may not be any (satisfactory) answers. Faith that there may not be answers we would understand. And faith to trust God in the not knowing while we muddle our way through things.

Faith gives meaning to existence, which isn’t to say that I/we as Christians hold the patent on true faith. There are many different kinds of faith: faith in God, faith in man, faith in (your)self, and so on. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I know you will), but I assume that nihilists would say that we flee to the idea of God as a cop out because we can’t handle imagining a life without Him. He is our existential crutch in a meaningless life.

Just like I think that each of those faiths still have the problem of evil, I’m left with some other questions if life is meaningless. If I have nothing but this life, why should I be selfless? Why should I be sacrificial? Why should I be concerned about other people? We only have a momentary chance to “go for ours” and there is little benefit (evolutionarily speaking) to living for others (tribe, species, or what have you).

A recurring comment since my discussions fleshing out what the Bible may or may not be saying on premarital sex has been why? Going with that question, why stop there? Why restrict yourself in any area of your life? Eat what you want. Drink what you want. Both are valid, necessary, and vital drives, why not do as much of either as you want? As I study what it means to be a Christian, I am struck by this pattern of a (holistic) lifestyle of restraint. Christian living seems to be one of denying oneself in all areas of your life, learning discipline.

I believe that we, as Christians, lead lives of delayed gratifications with the ultimate belief that the supreme gratification comes with eternal fellowship and communion with God. However, again, that’s a matter of faith.

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