Normally I don’t tread into controversial waters, in fact, I run from controversial topics like Bambi at a forest fire. I’m too into being liked to risk being a lightning rod on anything. However, the topic of homosexuality and the church–especially in light of me helping to start a church–has been coming up a lot. Maybe it’s the pastor thing, but people have been seeking out my opinion on the topic.

So I thought that I’d warn you that all next week I will be writing on the topic that you are free to ignore. I just wanted to have someplace to send my church folk rather than, you know, having to actually talk to them. I know you (this would be the generic/Dear Reader “you”) are looking forward to this the way I look forward to hearing an actor speak on politics, so I thought that I’d give you fair warning.

Though I employ my famed CYA style, I never fail to piss of all sides. That’s when I know my job here is done. Another thing to consider: I’m a scientist, theologian, and writers. I’d hate to end my writing and pastor careers in the span of one series of articles because that would leave me with my career as a scientist. I HATE SCIENCE! I only got into it because everyone said I was smart and I wanted to give my mother something to brag to her friends about (“my son’s a scientist.” We’ll ignore the fact that, including being a teacher, careers in science, the pastorate, or writing–even added together–isn’t exactly the sure route to wealth). Remember, keep gentle thoughts if you choose to read my posts next week, spare my careers because, let me re-emphasize this, I SUCK AS A SCIENTIST!