And here are some blogs which caught my attention over the last week:

Undercover Black Man exposes more political chicanery as an anti-Obama site pretends to be a black power site. Note to all would be political saboteurs: you probably don’t want to register sites in your own/real name.

An ocean separates the issue of diversity on television. Over here we wonder why is TV so white? Whereas over on the BBB, we have execs lamenting that there are too many black and Asian faces on TV.

On the writing front, have you ever read a blog post that not only makes you want to be a better writer, but think more creatively in terms of what it means to even write? And then there’s a blog on posts that draw in more than the usual number of readers to a blog.

On the spiritual front, the question for the day: Is “Christian humanism” a good expression for central themes in the emerging movement? And then there are a few thoughts on James Dobson’s comments on Barack Obama.

In the “feud” between Ice-T and Soulja Boy, game set match to the creators of this video. Speaking of which, here are 25 Things That Killed (and are Still Killing) Urban Music.

And in my continual struggles with BET, we have a new video produced by BET executive Reginald Hudlin whose theme is that “coon-ass rappers” who traffic in negative images are “sellout niggas” who ought to be lynched. Then again, we had the BET Image Awards where Li’l Wayne felt the need to thank God. (Of course, I’m obviously would be in the camp of needing to thank God for His patience with me considering what I write).

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