First, I’ll begin with a round of shameless self-promotion:

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light [Kindle Edition] – A book of interviews with some of the masters of Christian horror, scifi, fantasy, and thriller fiction, including invaluable insights into the art of writing Christian fiction for a wide audience. Included among the honored guests are … me and Anne Rice.

Publishing Dark Faith: An Interview With Jason Sizemore – Fantasy Magazine goes and interviews Mr. Sizemore about what the hell he was thinking letting me get away with an anthology.


The Self-Awareness of Incompetence (or Lack Thereof) – Thoughts on the notion of the “Dunning-Kruger Syndrome,” in which an incompetent person is not aware of his or her own incompetence.

Idiots and a$$holes – I love this thought: “And that’s one of the risks of being a writer, of being a public person. You do have a brand. Your words speak for you. People will interpret those words how they will, with whatever needs they bring to the text in the moment. As I’ve often said, “the story belongs to the reader.” Maybe a more accurate statement is “the words belong to the reader.””


This is a blast from the past.  Lois Lane gets curious in issue #106.  Click here for this Very Special Issue.  I do love that Lois turning black gives her some thighs …

Speaking of comics, here’s a Black Panther & DC Comics Update.

And because sometimes you have to get your black nerd on, Racialicious Presents…The True Blood Roundtable

Homophobic? Anti-Christian?–“Pause,” Boondocks Season 3 Episode Reviewed – I haven’t had a chance to see this episode (because i buy Boondocks by the season).  But folks have already been talking about this one in particular.


I Am a Pastor – I love this definition of what it means to be a pastor.  It reminds me of this RT @RickWarren: Don’t call yourself a “pastor” if all you do is study & speak. Pastoring is caring for & shepherding people one-on-one

Christ and the Dragons 2 – I’m still mulling over this thought:  “White thinks intellectual tolerance has too much influence among too many evangelicals and it is cutting into the fabric of its integrity, and in particular into its orthodoxy. But what about Jesus? Did Jesus believe in orthodoxy as a test case to be his follower?  “The idea [for many today] is that Jesus did not have a statement of faith — he was about calling people into trustworthy community as opposed to cognitive assent to abstract propositions””

Evolution in the Key of D – Continuing the discussion that science and religion doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition.

Emerging Church Retreat? – for those still involved in that conversation, I agree with teh Kiwi’s conclusion “that the emerging church movement grew up in 2009 and is no longer a radical and controversial movement, something that I fleshed out a little with 10 Types of Emerging Churches that will no longer upset your grandfather.”


The Big Magic Shelf – Where do you shelf some of your authors?  I know I’d want King Maker in the “African American” section, the fantasy section, the mainstream section, the crime section, and any other section you can think of.

Anthologies: A Reader’s Point of View – what makes a good anthology for you?

Warren Lapine vs. the American Right – um … wow.


It’s almost time for First Friday down at the Harrison Center for the Arts.  Friday, July 2 the Harrison Center presents Old & New, featuring “old” work by artists who have shown here before and “new” artists who have never exhibited at the Harrison Center.  Also that night:  The Viewfinder Project presents student photography from The Oaks Academy and LifeBridge Community.

Btw, GenCon is quickly approaching.  There is a writer’s symposium for those who think it’s just nerds getting together to play Magic: the Gathering and dressing up as Star Wars characters.  Granted, that’s still 90% of my plans …