In the self-promotion department, there is this … interesting review of Dark Faith.  Or this … even more interesting review of Dark Faith (though I like the idea of a Dark Faith drinking game).  Or, you can go to Choate Road for a terrific review and analysis of the anthology.  For a full round up of reviews for Dark Faith, you can go here.


I am just fascinated by this Faces of Meth photo gallery.  Spoiler Alert:  no one looks good in the “after” meth photos.

Wyclef Jean fighting to get name on Haiti presidential ballot – I’m actually surprised more celebrities don’t run for office here.  I’m pretty sure we’d elect them not because they were any good, but so that we could turn politics into more of a reality television show than it already is.


Elders:  For Men Only? – “Do you hear the argument that only males can be elders? On what basis is that argument based? Where does the Bible say an elder must be a male? Margaret Mowczko sketches a response to these questions”

Former “Ex_Gay” Leaders Apologize – “This video highlights a number of former United States and international leaders of Exodus ministry apologizing for the role they played in encouraging people to see a conflict in their christian faith and their being Gay.”

Father of the Ancient-Future Path – a nice little piece on the history of Robert Webber.

John Armstrong on “Tradition” – I like the direction of John’s thought.  Been on a similar trajectory myself lately (at least with the premise of his book, Your Church is Too Small).

There was no way Wrath James White was going to let last week’s conversation on agnosticism and horror go without his slant on things, thus we have Atheist Horror.  One reason this conversation fascinates me is because I was just asked the week before how writers of various backgrounds (Christian, agnostic, and atheists in particular) reconcile their beliefs and writing about the supernatural.


DEA seeks Ebonics experts to help with cases – As a complete aside, back when I was in college, I took a linguistics class.  Only black person in the class.  Teacher announces “next time we’ll be discussing Black English Dialect.  Maurice, you can lead us in that discussion.”  She must’ve snatched herself because the next session, she was twelve kinds of apologetic.  Then proceeded to drop the “g”s from verbs.

Hitler DNA Tests Show He Likely Had Jewish, African Roots, Daily Mail Says – Um…that would be the textbook definition of irony.

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER APOLOGY – THIS TIME TO INUIT FOR HIGH ARCTIC RELOCATION – This certainly never got a lot of play in my history class.


The unbearable loneliness of the solitary artist – The one thing that people don’t think about when it comes to being freelancers is how lonely it can be sometimes.

9 Must-have Clauses for Digital Rights Contracts – “There are a variety of individuals—traditional publishers included—who are buying up the rights to backlists for little or no advances against royalties, with no firm schedule for publication, with no distribution deals in place, and with little or no expertise in how to actually create an ebook. And yet, writers who have complained for eons about how badly they are used and abused by publishers, are turning around and selling off these assets for a pittance.” So Michael Stackpole educates us.

Yay the 2009 World Fantasy Awards Nominees!

So Publishers Weekly is doing a cash grab from self-published authors.  JA Konrath and Nick Kaufmann both weigh in on this.

10 Steps for Writers New to Scribd by Douglas Clegg – “Grab it while it lasts! These are my 10 basic steps for writers who want to participate in and reach readers as part of this great community”

Ian Hocking retires from writing.  A writer has to write, but when the well runs dry …


I recently ran across a new blog called Julie’s Mind Edge which talks about a lot of restaurants local to Indianapolis.  It’s great stuff.

Artist Carrie Rapp will be participating in the 2010 OCB Mr/Ms Natural Indiana on Sept 11 at Lutheran High School.

With September’s First Friday quickly coming up, the Harrison Center has: “In the Harrison Gallery – Harlow and the Raven King – new work by Mab Graves; In the Gymnasium – The 3rd Annual Urban Times Neighborhood Fair; In Gallery No. 2 – Sparkles, Sprinklers and Bad Seeds – new work by Erin K. Drew and NERS; In Hank & Dolly’s Gallery – paintings and woodcuts by Ross Wagner.”