In the self-promotion department, Jerry Gordon and I were interviewed for the SF Signal podcast.  I’m stunned they were able to cobble together anything coherent out of that interview.  Kudos to Jerry for remaining professional and on point while I bounced all over the place.

In the nerd department, read Alan Moore’s parody of Frank Miller’s Daredevil from 1983

Pimping my friends, Wrath James White’s Book of a Thousand Sins is getting a re-release.  I once reviewed it.  Go pre-order it.


Atheist become Apologist – “A failure to understand the Christian concept of God. Dawkins thinks of God as an “entity” in almost empirical terms and here’s why: he argues that empirical data do not exist for God. Therefore, God doesn’t exist. But what this shows is:  God can’t be shown by empirical sciences; therefore, God doesn’t exist. But this proves not that God does not exist but that God cannot be proved by empirical sciences or that God is not empirical, which is just what Christians do believe: that God is not one of us but outside the empirical reality. Furthermore, this shows that atheists are locked into both belief that God must be empirical and they believe only in knowledge from the empirical sciences. It is a circular argument.”

The Gifts – “In a nutshell, I believe that the gifts of the Spirit are still being given as part of God’s continuing gospel work and mission.”

Theology After Darwin – There are four major theological challenges raised by a Darwinian or evolutionary view of creation and the blog discusses how they were dealt with in the latter half of the nineteenth century making connection with our debates and questions today.

Wisdom about Words – Scot McKnight gives some great insight into the nature of words.


An Announcement Concerning Apex Magazine – In light of the Elizabeth Moon debacle mentioned last week, editor Catherynne Valente announces that the November issue of Apex will be an entirely Arab/Muslim issue.  Speaking of which, Jim C. Hines has an Open Letter to Elizabeth Moon.  Here are some thoughts on WisCon’s response to the situation as well as Nisi Shawl’s.

Robert E. Howard was a racist. Deal with it – Jason Sanford manages to step in it while stating the obvious.


Love Guatemala – “An amazing show is taking shape for First Friday, October 1st in The ArtSpace of downtown Indianapolis. You could be a huge support to these beautiful kids and their families through the arts!”

Friendship For The Arts – “Our desire is to increase a greater appreciation for the arts in Johnson County and to create a platform for local artists to showcase their work.”