I won’t lie, this picture of Tupac makes me happy and is made of awesome.

Joker and Lex – this cartoon also makes me happy and is made of awesome.

Yvette Tan is a writer with a great blog.  Unfortunately, it’s not a blog you should read while hungry.


Do the Emmys Have a Race Problem? – “Until Archie Panjabi’s surprise win this year for The Good Wife, only eight people of color had ever won an Emmy in the top four acting categories for drama and comedy.”  Sounds like the short answer is “yes”.

TIM WISE TAKES ON CRITICS OF WHITE ANTI-RACISTS – every time he speaks on the topic of white privilege and racism, folks should pay attention.  Speaking of … “COLORBLINDNESS,” “ILLUMINATED INDIVIDUALISM,” POOR WHITES, AND MAD MEN


The Top 11 Things That Pastors Wish They Knew Before They Built – “Here’s the bad news: The average tenure of a pastor after a significant building project is twenty-two month. Over half of the churches in the U.S. have a set of plans (stuck behind the pastor’s door) that will never be built. To top it off, construction is the second most litigated industry in the U.S., behind medical. Some pastors will deal with these statistics by never building. Some will forge ahead alone and often become one of these statistics. The good news is that others will seek out those who have built to gain counsel and wisdom.”

Paul for the Perplexed – I LOVE the idea of Christians indwelling a story not a theological system.

But do they sometimes doubt? – “Do those with strong views on science and faith sometimes doubt, sometimes wonder?”


Special congrats to fellow IHW member, Nicole Cushing.  Her story “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Piggy Class” is out in the John Skipp antho, WEREWOLVES AND SHAPESHIFTERS: ENCOUNTERS WITH THE BEAST WITHIN.  Skipp goes on to say this about her story:  “Nicole Cushing is one of my faves in the new wave of Bizarro authors.  There’s a focused intelligence and clarity at play throughout even the deepest patches of delirium….a genuine method to the unadulterated madness — that makes it so much more than merely weird.  …Making points I’ve never seen made more clearly or strangely about how society actually works.”  Whatever.  I may kill her and wear her skin suit because she’s sharing a TOC with Neil Gaiman.

Continuing this “Pimp My Friends” edition of the writing world round up, Kelli Owen reveals a bit about her novel debut, Six Day, through Maelstrom Books.  Bookgasm crows about Nate Southard’s book, He Stepped Through, as well as Brian Keene’s latest, A Gathering of Crows.  And Tim Waggoner’s Dead Streets gets a great review.  Since I’m pimping, another great review of Dark Faith.

A few words with Neil Clarke on his world dominating submission management system – Jason Sanford writes on the domination of this submission system.  On a personal note, I have been submitting a story co-written with Jason Sizemore.  The first three places we sent it to all used this submission system.  And it IS hard to not sit there and watch your number count down…

Should I use a Nom de Plume – I toyed with the idea of a pen name a while ago, but I’ve obviously decided to ride this “Maurice Broaddus” thing out.

Want to be a freelancer (another idea I’ve been toying with lately)?  Just punch yourself in the face instead.

7 Keys to Writing Good Dialogue – sometimes we can all use a reminder.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sell-Throughs, But Were Afraid To Ask – “Like everything else in publishing, sell-through numbers are open to interpretation.”