A friend of mine was recently in the throes of frustration about why people look up to her, depend on her, and, best of all, come down harder on her when she screws up. Well, I had to gently inform her that she had assumed a position that apparently only she was unaware she had attained. So, to the heartfelt missive that I received, I sent the following reply, because, as you know, I’m an encourager. A gentle ear to which one can speak to without fear of judgment or sarcasm:

Hi, my name is Maurice Broaddus and I just wanted to be the first to greet you as the latest member to the leadership circle. Yes, I know. You had no idea that when you woke up this morning you had fallen into a leadership role. Well, how do you like that? Not exactly how you pictured yourself, yet here you are!

Wait, feeling a little self-conscious about being unqualified? Feeling a little under-schooled, under-prepared, and under-trained? Welcome to our world. You too can now feel the weight of people looking to you to make the arguments and fight the fights that they want to fight but feel under-gifted. However, they see those things in you. (As a side note, a good leader will allow those feelings of under-preparedness to allow them to walk in humility. Don’t try to pretend to be something that you know you’re not.)

“What? Me?” you might be asking. YES! And there’s more.

You’ve just become a role-model. An example. That’s right, you’re life is no longer your own. You are now held to a higher standard. Why? Because you know more. I know, it sucks and seems counter-intuitive, but the reward for reading and paying attention is more accountability. Sorta doesn’t encourage leaving ignorance behind, but that’s the breaks.

All this for $19.95!!!

That’s the official cost of discipleship. ORDER NOW!!!

(um, make all checks payable to me.)