I’m so connected and reachable online, you might as well have my phone number.  Here’s a list of my online presence:

My website – which is where my blog has its home and I touch on a lot of my favorite themes: race, spirituality, pop culture, and writing.  And it has a contact sheet to drop me e-mails.

FaceBook – this can be a sink hole of time, but other than my message board, I hang out here the most

Twitter – for the record, a lot of gibberish runs through my mind

My Message Board – I have a space carved out as a part of Brian Keene’s Keenedom.  For a limited time only I’m doing an open Q & A thread, fielding any question you all feel like asking me.  I know I run the risk of ruining the writer’s mystique, but I’m willing to take the chance.

The remainder of my billboards I need to do more with:

MySpace – I’m not nearly as active over there as I used to be.





Drop by anytime.