There are three models put forth in how we should treat homosexuals.

1. “Hate the sin, love the sinner”. I don’t buy this model. I know that it’s touted a lot, it’s pithy, and I get the principles that it’s trying to encapsulate, but at its heart it is flawed. For a start, it’s not practiced all that well. In my little straw man example, “You Sodomites” strikes me as the sinner in question.

Secondly, it reduces relationships to revolving around sin.

2. Tolerance. I know that it’s quite PC to talk about tolerance, but let me tell you, tolerance is over-rated. It’s fair to say that I’ve been black for awhile, and I know when I’m being tolerated and I know when I’ve been accepted. Big, unmistakable difference. Let’s be clear, ideas I tolerate; people I don’t. I’ve been commanded to

3. Love. Don’t be confused. This isn’t “Hate the sin, love the sinner”. This is love the person. Not love the person after they’ve stopped sinning. Not love the sinner after they’ve changed their behavior. Not love the person until you share the Gospel with them and if they reject it they can enjoy their eternal vacation in hell because they’re rejecting Christ not my and I’ve done my job by sharing with them.

At the very least, learn this refrain: “respect is not an endorsement”. I’m not ready to equate the Black civil rights struggle with that of gays. There’s an issue of scale. Though I could see the analogy. Gays are convenient targets. You can’t identify an adulterer in “our” midst, but you know two guys kissing. World War II anyone? Detention camps for the Japanese, but not for the Germans. (Okay, this kind of blows my argument about matters of scale.) Look, frankly, I may not be right on some of this. However, mine is a simple theology: love God, love one another.

When in doubt, err on the side of love.