I told a friend that I’d blog less and concentrate on my fiction for a while in order to push my career forward. In that regards, and to spare myself his wrath, I sent out my story “The House of Blue Lights” for an anthology looking for regional ghost stories. Also under loving threat, I recently revised my novella, “Devil’s Marionette” and have sent it off. I’m currently wrapping up my story for an anthology (“Shadow Boxing”) then I’m going to revise the first three chapters of my young adult fantasy novel “Knights of Breton Court” and send it off to a friend to look over by the end of the week.

In order to keep up my goals set out at the beginning of the year, I have to have “Strange Fruit” (my first novel) re-written by September 1st because an agent is interested in seeing it. And I need to get two short stories written for a humorous horror story market (one a collab with Kelli Dunlap*). Then it’s revising two stories to send out (“Warrior of the Sunrise” and “Here, There be Pirates”) before I outline a story for another anthology I was asked to submit to.

Yes, I know, I know. I have one other collab to wrap up before I start a new novel in November (I don’t necessarily do Nanowrimo, but that time of year works out pretty well for me in terms of having time to devote to a new novel). With all that in mind …

The latest “issue” of Apex Digest has been posted. In it is a story by Wrath James White as well as an interview with him and yours truly.

In a bit of news that ties together a couple of markets I was published in earlier this year, my story “Just an Old Man on a Bench”, is also up. It was originally published on the Horrorfind web site (accepted by then editor, Brian Keene – thus why this story is a sentimental favorite of mine because it marked me hitting his radar). Interestingly enough, my story “Just a Young Man and his Games” (published in Doorways Magazine) was a continuation of that story.

An early review of Legends of the Mountain State 2 is up on the Dark Scribes site. Allow me to share a bit of it:

“Buyer beware” is the cautionary theme of Maurice Broaddus’ sublime “A House is Not a Home” – the standout of the collection. When a young artsy couple goes house hunting, they find more than they bargained for as an appealing fixer-upper soon becomes a conduit back through time. Soon the couple finds themselves part of living history as they find more than termites in a basement that once served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. Broaddus’ commanding use of language coats the story with a lushness that belies its short fiction format and places it in a class of its own.

Although I firmly believe that if you live by the review, you die by the review so on the whole I try not to pay too much attention … you may now picture me dancing naked in my kitchen.

In other writerly news, congrats to Cullen Bunn with his announcement of his new comic from Oni Press, The Hollows. And big ups to Alice Henderson: her novel Voracious will be released from Penguin in February 2009.

So I am getting writing done and not just blogging. I can’t be held responsible for blogs set to auto-post. That’s my latest excuse: anything you see for the next few months was OBVIOUSLY set to autopost.

*Speaking of which, hear and obey teh Kelli.

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