Continuing my tradition of looking back on my goals from last year (and how well I met them), I think I’ve done pretty well. I did end up revising my first novel (Strange Fruit, cut—no lie—40 K words from it, and it is now in the hands of a prospective agent). I also revised my most recent novel (Knights of Breton Court, which is now at a prospective publisher).

On the publication front, several stories came out this year. Snapping Points (available online at Magus Press), Broken Strand (in Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest #12), Just a Young Man and His Games (Doorways Magazine), Dark Night of the Soul (Dark Harvest anthology), Orgy of Souls (Apex Books), A House is Not a Home (still available online from Legends of the Mountain State 2), Rite of Passage (Space and Time Magazine #105), and Night of the Living Baseheads (A New Dawn).

A couple of my older stories saw the light of day again: Soul Food (Dark Harvest anthology) and Just an Old Man on a Bench (available online at Apex Books).

I managed to make my goal of writing a half dozen short stories: “Warrior of the Sunrise”, “Bricks in the Wall of Shadows,” “House of Blue Lights,” “A House is Not a Home,” “Shadow Boxer,” “Collateral Casualties,” and “Long Live the King.” And instead of a novel, I produced a new novella (inspired by Nate Southard’s Just Like Hell. I read it and thought “dang, I wish I’d written something that hard hitting.)

Though I did lose my column for after a near three year run, I have four projects scheduled to come out this year. No point in announcing them since a couple of them were scheduled to come out a year or two ago.

As for new goals for 2009, I want to write 6 new short stories, revise a screenplay, write a new novel (the problem is that I have three bubbling around in the back of my head with no clear favorite), write a new novella, and revise my second novel (Pantheon of Dreams) down to a novella. With any luck, I’ll be able to get back to doing more reviews and blogs so it should be a good year.

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