what fates imposeEvery time my mother comes for a visit, I get a story out of it. After her father’s funeral, I wrote “Family Business” (published in Weird Tales Magazine).  After she returned from a visit to the Maroons’ capital, I wrote “Steppin’ Razor” (due out in Asimov’s SF in February).  And after a brief visit to the States to reminisce, I wrote “Read Me Up” (What Fates Impose).

When we were growing up, me and my siblings didn’t pay much attention to my mother’s stories.  She told us endless duppy (ghost) stories.  There was a duppy for every occasion or hardship.  We took the oral tradition of our family for granted, after all, we grew up in the age of television, videogames, and the internet.

Now my mother’s stories are gold.  As a writer, I’ve been trying to collect those stories.  My mother loves this turn of events as it means I not only pay attention when she speaks, but I whip out a pen to take notes as she does it.  The stories are a way for me to connect with my family, to make sense of our rituals, and our history.

I am truly fascinated by the obeah practitioners in our family.  A couple of aunts, my grandfather, and all the stories associated with them.  That’s the other thing about my family:  there’s always a story and somewhere in the story is the truth.

That’s at the heart of “Read Me Up.”  Available in the What Fates Impose anthology.